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Winnica MORENA


About us

To say that wine from Morena is a link between our passion, the place, and our experience, is to unveil just a part of the mystery. We’d like you to discover our vineyard slowly, finding something new with each glass of our thought-out blends and well-groomed single-varietal wines. 

Getting to know our young vineyard, you’ll learn that it is located in the surroundings of Major Poland National Park, in Puszczykowo, in a picturesque land on the Warta River. 2.5 ha of our plot has borne fruit since 2020, and the first plantings come from 2018. 

We have 10.000 hybrid vines, both white and red. You’ll find us manually harvesting Solaris, Seyval Blanc, Muscaris, and Hibernal plus Rondo, Regent, and Cabernet Cortis. We are a proud part of the local community and the vineyard is taken care of by experienced enologists.

We are close by the metropolis of Poznan but the force of our terroir derives from the natural landscapes around Puszczykowo. Craft procedures in the winery go together well with the gifts of central Poland’s nature. We proudly count ourselves among the pioneers of winemaking in Major Poland. 

Open a bottle of our wine, muse on the dedicated work of its creators and feel that Morena is a place where through wine we talk about thousands of years of post-glacial history.

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 Winnica Morena Sp. z o. o.
      ul. Sobieskiego 2c
      62-040 Puszczykowo

      KRS: 0000946218
      NIP: 7831684080
      REGON: 3019770870


 +48 606-753-069