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Semi-sweet white wine with pronounced aromas of mango and orange. In the mouth it is distinguished by a good balance of sweetness and acidity, and a long finish. Lower level of alcohol plays nicely with the sweetness. Made in the heart of Major Poland, on the banks of the Warta River, it’ll be a good company for seafood and fish. Thanks to its simple drinkability, it’ll be perfect for watching a sunset or a picnic on a mid-July meadow. 

Alcohol 10%
Year 2020

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Seyval Blanc has won a premium place in Polish vineyards. This a prolific, resistant grape and it perfectly matches our favorite Solaris with its higher acidity. Very often it gets blended with Solaris in various ratios. Morena Vineyard offers a single varietal Seyval Blanc, which, without help from its aromatic cousin, will amaze just anyone with its tropical fruit and sweetness.

Our Seyval Blanc 2020 is semi-sweet and will work fine as company to fish, seafood, and white meat. The higher amount of residual sugar will invite you to pair it with sweeter dishes, such as the invincible applecake from your grandmother.

Just as Solaris 2020 it boasts a pale, watery lemon green color and medium aroma intensity. Ripe apples and oranges come to the forefront in the first nose, with a slight note of almond. The mouth is again very apply and has some sweeter tropical fruit aromas. The friendly sweetness plays well with acidity and the taste lasts long on the palate. 

No barrel was applied, so that the Seyval from Morena can be treated as a sunny summer wine, also due to lower alcohol level. It’s just the perfect time to serve it, it doesn’t need ageing and will still satisfy you with its youthfulness. 

If you’re looking for a well-prepared single varietal Polish flagship, this choice will meet the expectations. It’ll come fine in a social situation or taken alone in a family environment with a homemade cake.

Tips from our sommeliers:
Aroma intensity: medium
Acidity: medium
Sweetness: semi-sweet, 21 g sugar/l
Alcohol: 10.0%
Body: medium –
Finish: medium
Development: developed, drink now!