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Semi-sweet white wine from the heart of Major Poland. More ripe and sweeter, it’ll show aromas of mandarin, peach, and a small acent of apple. Smooth sweetness and lower alcohol will match the acidity perfectly. This wine is a pleasure for an early afternoon on a terrace, with a slice of apple pie and cream. You can pair it with fruit salad and desserts as well.

Year 2022
Alcohol 13%

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There are few grapes that play out so well for natural sweet wines in the Polish climate. Solaris, which is very resistant to mildew or grey rot, has won immense popularity in the countries East of the Elbe. It gives great opportunities for cross-winery comparisons for all the lovers of cool climate wine. 

This rendering of Solaris, from the Morena Vineyard, year 2020, is semi-sweet and brings positive reminiscences of light Mosel wines in a similar style. It’s become a tradition here to produce single varietals and the plot next to the Major Poland National Park is a good proof that central Poland can compete with Lubuskie or Lower Silesia in winemaking. 

Solaris 2020 has a pale lemon green color and seems to tell the story of sun and fertility already at the first sight. Aromas of peach and mandarin invite us to a wine of pleasant sweetness, while a hint of banana makes it a hit with banoffee at your local café. The mouth will surprise with a note of jasmine, just like in a Middle East soft drink, and will be very fruity, in a sweet canned peach style.

No oak has been applied and the wine tells the enthralling story of its terroir and the winemaker’s work. A good balance of acidity and body has been achieved and the Morena Solaris 2020 is not too explicit in its sweetness. It can even be an interesting treat for all the dry Solaris fans. 

The finish is medium + and the several years in the bottle suggest to serve it now. It’ll be a good company to desserts and a close friend on a garden party evening with neighbors. You may even try it during a game of cards with your grandmother—satisfaction guaranteed.

Tips from our sommeliers:
Aroma intensity: medium +
Acidity: medium
Sweetness: semi-sweet, 20 g sugar/l
Alcohol: 13.0%
Body: medium
Finish: medium +
Development: ripe, drink now!