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Semi-dry white wine from the hybrid grape Muscaris. In the nose, you’ll find citrus fruit, lime, and green apple. Well-balanced acidity and a lower alcohol level make this wine a good match for Asian cuisine and dishes rich in umami. It’ll not fail when served with creamy cow cheese or sushi. It is worth serving it chilled to 10–12 Celsius degrees.

Alcohol 12,5%
Year 2022

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Our young years often carry a fervent fascination with flowery wines of Eastern Europe. We love the very drinkable, happy wines of Bulgaria built on muscat grapes. Their characteristic aroma stays with us for a lifetime. 

What if you could turn back time thanks to a Polish wine created with a hybrid grape — Muscaris, a descendant of Gelber Muskateller and the famous Solaris?

Muscaris from Winnica Morena can be a perfect semi-dry match for Asian cuisine, with pronounced acidity and a well-balanced body. A lower level of alcohol invites you to try it with meals rich in green sprouts and vegetables. No oak has been applied, it’s a fresh wine that reminds of springtime.

Pale lemon green in color, with light aromas of flowers, citrus fruit, and green apples. The mouth fills the experience with clear aromas of lime and nutmeg. The taste is long and satisfying, making it a wine that goes well as a summer tipple. 

The year 2020 is just ready for drinking and letting the family enjoy some flowery aromas — don’t hold it too long in the cellar!

Several tips from our sommeliers:
Aroma intensity: medium
Acidity: high
Sweetness: semi-dry, 11 g sugar/l
Alcohol: 12,5%
Body: medium – 
Finish: long
Development: fully developed, drink now!