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Semi-dry white wine of the popular Polish varietal Solaris. Born in our vineyard in the surroundings of Major Poland National Park, it boasts aromas of citrus fruit, peaches and ripe apples. Fresh in the mouth, with an interesting note of jasmine, it’ll be an ideal pairing for poultry and fish. A perfect drink for a summer evening or long whiles of relax on a sunny terrace.

Alcohol 12.4%
Year 2021


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Solaris is the most popular white grape of Polish winemaking. You surely have gone through many approaches to this versatile and climate-resistant cépage. Did you know that in the surroundings of the Major Poland National Park, on the end moraine in Puszczykowo it has found a perfect location for growth as well? And it’s at the gates of a big city, Poznan…

Our Solaris 2021 is semi-dry and brings all the characteristics of the grape and the location to the table. No oak was applied, expect a fresh drinkable wine. It will pair ideally with poultry and fish, and drinking it alone can brighten any summer afternoon.

Pale lemon green color introduces a wine of medium intensity and a light robe. The first nose is packed with citrus fruit aromas, or maybe even brings a thought of sweet chewing gum. It is underlined by peach and ripe yellow apples. 

The mouth is very apply and shows a surprising note of jasmine. Medium finish indicates a vibrant wine to be consumed on a sunny day, most suitably outdoors. Medium alcohol does not dominate the reception of this cheerful Solaris, while good acidity balances well with delicate sweetness. You may even not notice it’s semi-dry!

Buy it for your daily meals or showcase it when you’re a proud Major Poland local. It’s at the right moment for drinking but add a few years of careful storage and it’ll still stand the test.

Tips from our sommeliers:
Aroma intensity: medium +
Acidity: medium +
Sweetness: semi-dry, 5 g sugar/l
Alcohol: 12.4%
Body: medium –
Finish: medium
Development: youthful, drink now or wait!